High Pressure Ball Valves

High Pressure Ball Valves

Product Details:
  • Body and connection: Black phosphating steel(38SMnPb10)
  • Ball: Thick-chromed steel
  • Ball seals: Polyacetal resin (DELRIN)
  • Pin Seals: NBR
  • Throttle lever: Printed and zinc-plated forged
  • Model: Any
  • Brand: Bell

We manufacture High-Pressure Ball Valves mainly for extreme operating requirements. To achieve tightness both at low pressure and under vacuum, ball sits between pre-compressed gaskets with floating system,


  • Full-way valve
  • Floating ball-gas tight on pre-compressed seats.
  • Operating pressure from 320 to 500 bar (according to Φ )
  • Operating temperature from -20°C to 100°C
  • Open at 1/4 turn


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