Car Parking System

Car Parking Sysytem

We are reputed manufacturer and supplier of highly efficient Car Parking System. We have exhibited our technological expertise to bring forth an exclusive and highly viable design for mechanical car parking system that efficiently solves the problem of car parking in low volume areas. Designed with a powerful hydraulic lift, this systems lifts the car and park it too the smallest possible space with use of hydraulic cylinders and electric motors. The offered car parking system is highly suitable for multistory parking and can be ordered from us at the best price.


  • Smooth lifting mechanism
  • Noise free operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Reliable service life

Stack Parking Systems

Stacked Parking Systems offered come designed and developed using latest technology support and assure of optimum utilization of available spaces for vehicle parking purposes. Further, these parking systems also allows for space-saving accommodation of vehicles while making intelligent use of available area.


Some of its advantages include:

  • Allows for secure parking and access support of vehicles
  • Expertise in offering solutions for all type of parking situations
  • System solutions delivered providing for exceptional service life
  • Allowing for low operating and maintenance costs

Hydraulic Car Parking Systems

Hydraulic Car Parking Systems offered can be made available by us in different operating mechanisms and can be custom designed as per the specific car parking application needs of the customers. Further, these car parking systems also allows for greater indoor and outdoor installation flexibility as well as offer efficient use of space with low cost installation.



  • Minimal operational costs
  • Multiple entry/ exit choices with quick parking or retrieving of cars
  • Safe PLC based operations
  • Lifting and lowering done using hydraulic cylinders/electric motor chain drives for secure operations

Automatic Car Parking System

Automatic Car Parking System offered come designed and developed using latest technology support and assure of safe and secure usage. The equipment can be made available in multi-column design choices with options of sliding right or left as per the requirements. Here, the parking of the cars is done using lifting of car pallet and sliding of car pallets to different floors as per the requirements.




  • Provide for vital savings on parking area
  • Low equipment and maintenance costs
  • Allows for smooth lift and low noise
  • Comes with comprehensive security protection system like car parking limit mechanism, interlock mechanism, emergency brake mechanism and others
  • PLC automatic control system to make operations easy to handle

Puzzle Car Parking System

Puzzle Car Parking System offered comprise innovative car parking solutions that allows easy movement of the cars in both vertical and horizontal directions as in puzzles. Further, these type of car parking systems also perfectly meet the demands of convenient parking support as well as quick retrieval of parked cars. These car parking systems are suitable for installation in areas like basements, rooftops, open grounds, terraces and others.




  • System designed in form of matrix of rows and columns and allows horizontal and vertical movement to vacant spots
  • Available in two to six level choices
  • Self-supporting steel structures with corrosion resistant paint finish for lasting usage
  • PLC based working for secure working

Car Parking System

Car Parking System offered come designed and developed using latest technology support and perfectly suit the demands of multi-level parking systems. Coming with vertical lift and carts for horizontal movements, these allow for separate movements on each level and are suitable for use in large-sized parking lots. Further, these multi-level parking systems provide for optimal utilisation of space as well as lower maintenance and operational costs.




  • Comes with lower construction costs
  • Provide for secure and environment-friendly usage
  • System suitable for parking cars in two to four levels in tight basements
  • Its usage decreases parking space required per car to one third of parking space required in conventional manual parking
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